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Falco Plugins

Last modified December 15, 2022
Extend Falco functionality using Plugins for Falco libraries/Falco daemon

The Falco libraries and Falco itself can be extended by using Plugins. Plugins are shared libraries that conform to a documented API and allow for:

  • Adding new event sources that can be evaluated using filtering expressions/Falco rules.
  • Adding the ability to define new fields that can extract information from events.

This section describes how plugins fit into the existing event processing pipeline and how to enable/configure plugins in Falco.

Plugins Architecture Concepts

Learn the basic concepts of the Plugin Architecture

How Falco Uses Plugins

Plugins for Falco libraries/Falco daemon

Where's the Code

Find out about the included plugins in Falco and the Plugins SDK

Falco Plugins Developers Guide

Start writing your own Falco plugins

Falco Plugins Go SDK Walkthrough

High-level documentation of the Go SDK

Falco Plugins API Reference

Learn how the Plugins API works

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